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IMage of runners in the grounds of Holyrood Palace

Runners cross the grounds of Holyrood Palace in the 1980s.


As from 2017 all entries need to be made online via Entry Central; paper entries by post are toast. There are no on-the-day entries. Details appear on the website Home Page by January. Entries normally open in early May. (The event will not appear on EntryCentral's list until entries open.)

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THE COURSE:  Starting from Calton Hill,  entrants are to make their way round the 7 hills of Scotland's capital city on foot, a distance of about 14.3 miles, with about 2200 feet of ascent/descent.  Competitors have to find their own route, as the course is not marked, but they must pass through the 6 checkpoints in the following order:-  The Castle (esplanade);  Corstorphine Hill;  Craiglockhart Hill (East);  Braid Hill;  Blackford Hill;  and  Arthur's Seat… with Calton Hill being the Start and Finish point.  Competitors must punch their race-number at each checkpoint.

The RACE:  10.15 am start.  The race is for those of reasonable sporting fitness who want to complete the course at a good pace. (Those who can do a half-marathon in 1 hour 40 or less should probably enter The Race rather than The Challenge.)
    The Race is held under UK Athletics rules, and is a  scottishathletics  Permit Event.

Team Event:  The Race includes a Team Event, with 3 or 4 named runners per team… the best 3 places to count.
Entry forms will be available near the Registration desk  (no extra fee).

The CHALLENGE:  9.45 am start.  The Challenge is for those who simply wish to complete the course in their own time  ¾  running, jogging, perhaps walking some bits.  The later checkpoints will be staffed on the basis that competitors will be able to complete the course in no more than 4 hours.

PRIZES / AWARDS:  There will be Mementos for all finishers in the two events.  Prizes will be awarded to the first 7 in the Race and to the first 4 females, and the first 3 teams.  Vet-prizes: M50 (3); M60; M70;   F45 (2); F55; F65.   Many Spot-prizes.

ROUTE:  A large map with suggested route will be on display at the start.  A text version of a viable route is available on the event's web-site ('Course'):  this should be used in conjunction with an Edinburgh street-map.
     Specific announcements regarding current aspects of the course may be made just prior to the start of each event.

FIRST AID / INJURIES :  The event is a strenuous one, and the organisers cannot accept responsibility for any accidents or injuries.  First-aid kits will be available at each checkpoint.  Full medical support will be available at the finish.
CAR-PARKING:  Come by bus/train/bicycle if poss.  Else, park on/near Regent Road (below hill);  do not drive up onto Calton Hill.

KIT:  Spare kit can be left in your numbered black bag in the centre of the arena. 

TOILETS  will be positioned near by.

REFRESHMENTS:  Drinks and sustenance will be available at (or near) each checkpoint.  There will be free food and drink for all competitors at the finish.  

RESULTS:  Competitors' places and times will be continuously posted at the side of the Registration tent as runners complete the course.  The full official results will be put onto the event's web-site asap.

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