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Photos at Braid Hill top (by Gerald Higgins) HERE

Photos from the Allotments (by John McCurdy) HERE

Photos from the prize-giving BELOW...

Jill Stephen, HBT, Women's race winner. James Dunn, Corstorphine, Race winner


Andrew Macrae, Carnethy, M50 winner; Rhona Anderson, Dunbar RC, Female vet winner


Best women's team: Hardy Bloody Trottettes, Katie Williams, Jill Stephen, Megan Wright


Two-thirds of Hardly Bothered Training, winners of the team event




Photos from the allotments, by John McCurdy here

Event video by the Sheach family https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-fQcqX3tfU

High-speed video of Corstorphine here




Race winner Sam McCutcheon and Female winner Nicola Duncan


M50 winner Peter Buchanan, and Rhona Anderson, winner of the women's vet trophy


Team winners Hardly Bothered Training. Pascal den Hartog with the Best Dutch Runner trophy


The Sporty Porty's finest. Young piper Angus Millar playing on Blackford



Photos  from the allotments (by John McCurdy) here



Team winners Carnethy 'A' (left), and 2nd team Alice Band [Porty]


3rd team Shettleston (left), and Best Female Team


Fiona Carver, F55 winner (left), and Graeme Fletcher, 3rd M50



Willie Jarvie, M60 winner, and Olga Garcia Santamaria, 3rd woman


Eilidh Yates, 2nd woman; Dave Ward, 7th in the Race


Michael Reid, 6th in the Race; Liam Braby, 2nd in the Race

Johnny Lawson, 3rd in the Race.



VIDEO:  A 14-minute video of The Challenge event, by Jim Sheach: here


From the Allotments (by John McCurdy) and
n Arthur's Seat (by Allan Wilson).


On Arthur's Seat. winner Dessie Flanagan,
and Dutch runner Tsz Shan Chan



From the prize-giving, Alex Jackson presenting ...


Carnethy's winning team; Dessie Flanagan (race winner)


Ian Duff (M50 winner); Johnny Lawson (Race 2nd)


Liam Braby (Race 3rd); Megan Wright (female wimmer)


Porty (2nd team); Rhona Anderson (F45 winner)

Raoul and Henk





Photos  from the allotments (by John McCurdy) here

Photos from Craiglockhart (by Chris Magowan) here

* * *


Photos  of all prizewinners (by Mary Hunter) here

Photos  of runners on Arthur's Seat here (by Willie Jarvie).

Photos  from the allotments (by John McCurdy) here

* * *


Photos from the allotments by John McCurdy can be viewed  here

Photos around the course by Alex Oliver  here

Photos at Calton Hill, including prize-giving, by Mike Lynch  here

Photos of runners finishing, by Mike Newton  here

* * *


Photos from the allotments by John McCurdy can be viewed here

* * *

2012 Photos

The Olympic Torch visits the Seven Hills

* * *

Gordon Cameron, 3rd M50

Fiona Drake, women's runner-up

Amelia Lloyd, 3rd woman


The Allotments, 2011

photos by John McCurdy

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Photos from the 2012 Event

Photos taken at the allotments here

The Olympic Torch on Calton Hill

* * *

The Race runners starting off down to the steps


Team-prize winners Carnethy (left), Whitlie, Hammond, Stephenson
with Porty 2nd (right), Lawson & Henry


John Tollitt from Tyne Bridge Harriers, Newcastle,
where they have now started a 'Five Bridges' event

* * * * * * *



Photos from the 2011 Event

Willie Jarvie (Portobello) receiving the M50 trophy

Bill Gauld (Carnethy) receiving the M70 prize (at age 81?)

Shery Johnston (Portobello) with the 3rd woman prize

Team prize winners: Moorfoot
Wull Hynd, James Brittan, Michael Reid.

The Portobello runners preparing for the event on Sunday morning
[ Better check that bit — Ed. ]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Photos from the 2010 Event

Photos taken by Paul Gillon
at Craiglockhart, and at the prize-giving...
click here

Photos taken by Robin McConnell
at the Castle, Blackford Hill, and on Calton Hill...

click here

Many more pictures can be viewed on SHR's flickr site...
click here

Kilted runner at the Blackford Hill checkpoint, 2010

Four happy Challengers at the 2010 finish:
Duncan Passmore, Joey Juharsz-Lukomski, Andrew Park and Eleanor Passmore

Photos from the 2009 Event

For official Seven Hills photos taken at Craiglockhart
and on Calton Hill (the finish and prizegiving)
click here

Many more pictures can be viewed on SHR's flickr site...
click here

... and on Portobello's website
click here

A group of Dutch runners who came over specially for the race

Two challengers in the pink at Craiglockhart

Corstorphine won the Team prize: Chris O'Brien, Grant Wilkie, Tom Ferrington

Ronnie Sloan, many times 7 hills competitor, took the prize for Oldest Runner

Photos from the 2008 Event

Lots of pictures taken at the Arthur's Seat water-station
in Holyrood Park can be viewed at


* * * * *

Photos of Portobello club runners on all parts of the course
and a personal participant's report can be found at


Photos from the 2007 Event

To view pictures taken during the 2007 event, try visiting the following...


A large collection of pictures taken at Blackford Hill by Scottish Hill Runners' photographer.

* * * * *


Pictures of runners from the local Portobello club, together with detailed accounts of how they got on!

* * * * *


Slightly wacky photos taken by 3 competitors as they ran round the course (including a stop-off in a coffee-shop!)





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