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Image of Seven Hills of Edinburgh Logo

Event organiser : Alan Lawson
07708 011 649


What is the Seven Hills of Edinburgh ?

Every year since 1980, on a Sunday in June, a few hundred hardy individuals take part in one of the most unusual running events in the country,
The Seven Hills of Edinburgh
— a combination of road-running, cross-country, hill-running, and urban orienteering... 14.3 miles in length and with 2200 feet of ascent/descent.

It attracts runners of all ages and all abilities — from the leading distance-runners who get round in 100 minutes, to the more modest performers who are allowed to take up to 4 hours. But they all enjoy the satisfaction of completing one of the most scenic and challenging of sporting courses.
[Course Information]

An event of great character, and with a tremendous friendly atmosphere on the day, it's THE event that everyone — Edinburgh-based or otherwise — should do at least once!

* * * * *

Which Event to Enter?
The seriously-fit should enter "The Race". Those of more modest ability (above 1 hour 45 for a half-marathon, say) can enter "The Challenge" (starting half an hour in advance).

* * * * *

2024 event, Sunday 16th June.

Entries will open at 9pm/2100hrs on Monday 29th April, via EntryCentral.

All the practical information you need will be displayed here once entries open.

The Treble : Since 2007, runners who completed the (full) Edinburgh Marathon AND the Seven Hills of Edinburgh (Race or Challenge) won a whisky double. Starting in 2024, super-stars will have to complete the Treble in order to get their whisky... by completing the Edinburgh to N. Berwick 20-mile race[4th May] AND the Edinburgh Marathon [26th May] AND the Seven Hills of Edinburgh. The whiskies will be handed out at the end of the Seven Hills prize-giving.

The E2NB : 7 Hills enthusiasts might also want to try the famous Edinburgh to North Berwick 20-mile race, on Sat 4 May. Entries now open, via EntryCentral, £20.


2023 event, Sunday 18th June.

495 competitors completed the course. There were 18 teams.

The winner of the race was Ritchie Gardiner (Corstorphine) in 1:35:29,
2nd was Rodrigo Lara Molina (Carnethy), and 3rd was Malcolm Pryde (Lothian RC).

The female winner, retaining her title, was Morag McClelland (HBT) in 2:02:06,
2nd was Katie Williams (HBT), and 3rd was Nicola Duncan (Carnethy).

The M50 trophy was won by Ken Speirs (Corstorphine), with the M60 prize being taken by James Mayers (Musselburgh), and the M70 prize by Martin Caldwell (Corstorphine).

The F45 trophy was won by Julie Atkinson (Lothian), with the F55 prize being taken by Shona Young.

Team prizes : 1st : Corstorphine 'A'. 2nd : Hardly Bothered Training.
Women's team winners were Hoppy Brown Trotters.

Results are now on the 'Results' page.

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This year's Doublers and Treblers are HERE

* * *

Photos from the Allotments are HERE

by Kieran Scott

= = =

A video of the event by Jim Sheach is HERE

A short video of Blackford Hill with piper Cameron Lyle is HERE

Race winner Ritchie Gardiner, Corstorphine, with the trophy

Morag McClelland, HBT, retained the Womens' trophy

The heroes return


Katie Williams, HBT, 2nd Female

Rodrigo Lara Molina, Carnethy, 2nd in the Race

Nicola Duncan, Carnethy, 3rd Female.

Ken Speirs, Corstorphine, M50 winner

James Mayers, Musselburgh, M60 winner

Team prize winners: Julian Barrable, Ritchie Gardiner and Tom Ferrington of Corstorphine 'A'

Happy finishers Jennifer Wright and Stuart Rowa-Dewar holding up the National Monument

Members of the Sporty Porty operating the Dalkeith Road water-station

Team Salmond in charge at Blackford Hill

Junior Team Salmond

All go at the top of Blackford Hill














2010-2019 cumulative results, by surname download here



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